Woodfire Workshop at NAU

The past two weeks have been crazy busy with this workshop.  We fired two wood kilns and anyone who knows about wood firing, you understand how much work just one kiln is.  Image

This photo is “Butt Cheeks” Levon, the new post back Dave, and me loading the Anagama kiln.


Levon and a student stoking the kiln from the side.


Levon again showing the lovely lady how to tend to the flame, altough, I believe he wanted more for her to tend to his flame if you know what I mean.


We had so much work that we filled a Soda kiln with the overflow pots.  Here we are just before bricking  the door and lighten er up.

I finally got around to photographing my sculptures I made during last semester here at NAU, if you haven’t seen them you can find the finished products in the gallery.


I recently lucked out and scored a commission.  Here is where I am at so far with 3 bisque fired pieces.  Now I just need to figure out what to glaze them.  I am going to try different firings for each to experiment with surface and effects.

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