The Story (and science) of a Pot

These words I write are for the people, by that I mean, most people, ones not involved in the underrated world of ceramics.  I want to explain how this pot came into existence and shed light on the process so “the people”, my people, understand how cool ceramics really is.  It’s an art form, but it’sContinue reading “The Story (and science) of a Pot”

The Professors of Ceramic Art at NAU.

Drum roll please! These bottles were made by the great Jason Hess.  He is the main man of the ceramic program and wood firing is his forte.  He is mostly a functional potter.  The details of his pots are free flowing, spontaneous, and natural.  I am strongly influenced by his style and I am learning from itContinue reading “The Professors of Ceramic Art at NAU.”

Woodfire Workshop at NAU

The past two weeks have been crazy busy with this workshop.  We fired two wood kilns and anyone who knows about wood firing, you understand how much work just one kiln is.   This photo is “Butt Cheeks” Levon, the new post back Dave, and me loading the Anagama kiln. Levon and a student stokingContinue reading “Woodfire Workshop at NAU”

The sculpturization of the world

Hello again Here are a couple of sculptures I have been slaving over.  When I unveiled this anthropomorphic owl to my dog Lucy, she barked and growled at it until she realized it was just wet clay.  then she wanted to lick it… strange but still, I think that makes it a success in thatContinue reading “The sculpturization of the world”

an abundance of things. a true abundance of stuff.

I don’t know where to begin.  I do a bad job at keeping all my people up to date, now that I have finally gotten around to it, there is so much to say.  First off, I am loving my education here at NAU.  I feel like a geek saying that but its true.  IContinue reading “an abundance of things. a true abundance of stuff.”