Life is clay, Clay is life

Hello all,

First off, I have to say the title comes from Shane Christensen, the dude who has given me a ton of inspiration.  He’s an amazing ceramic artist and you can see his influence in my work.  I own that bottle on the left by the way.  thanks Mr. C

Well a lot has happened since I made my last post so i’m going to jump around a wee bit.  I would like to start off with photos of funny things but I haven’t had my camera at the opportune moments so I’ll just write boring words.

NAU has a Quiddich league (yes it is a a serious quiddich program, totally awesome for die-hard harry potter fans).  These people go out into a field and run around with brooms between their legs, and the worst part is, they don’t even fly!  I may be underestimating the power of imagination though so I am not going to make anymore fun.

last weekend was a flagstaff holiday known as Tequila Sunrise.  Bars open at 5 AM and the city closes downtown to traffic, then everyone gets super hammered at the crack of dawn and thats basically it.  Sadly, I had to unload the wood kiln or I would be able to tell you more.

So… the life of clay is coming along.  here are some photos of things I’ve finished thus far. this is a wood fired piece without any glaze or slip.  I let the fire do all the work and I would say its not that bad.   this is a bottle with a flashing slip applied so technically, its just bare clay as well.These 2 were wood fired and re-fired in a soda kiln, still just bare/raw clay.  So I’m pretty excited about the effects I have been getting without any glaze. NEATO!

Here are some things I’m working on.


Now I’m going to change gears.  There is a plaque outside the ceramic studio, it talks about how the program was founded but I found it peculiar when I got to the part where it stated when the first firing took place, its the date of my birth! Coincidence? I think not, its definitely  a sign.  


so thats all for now, next time I will fill you in on the insanely incredible faculty here at NAU.  I am surrounded by the pros and it is amazing.  I will leave you with some beautiful time-lapse photos of one of the wood fires we did.


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