Ephemeral Studios!

HI!  I am excited about an art gallery in Jerome my painterly friends opened (I contributed a few doll hairs so they let me be a part of it).  Jerome is an awesome old town up in some mountains which are in a desert which is in Arizona.  The view from town is amazing as it offers a vast unobstructed view of the desert below.  The town was established by a mining endeavor which is now kaput.  There are only 444 residence and supposedly, all of them are “high”.  I don’t know what that means but I read it on the back of my waitress’s t-shirt while eating at a restaurant in Jerome.     Here is a photo of the townAerial view of Jerome, AZ.  and here is a photo of the view from the town Now if you would just look closely at this image, the buildings with the red roofs compose the “Old Jerome High school” which a bunch of artists now inhabit.  if you look at the highest and leftmost part of the high school, that is where our gallery is!  not too shabby.

Here are some photos of opening day which by the way was a huge success.  

ephemeral studioSo that is that, we have a gallery in Jerome.  We are having another show/opening Saturday June 1st, 5:00pm.  The address is 885 Hampshire Avenue Jerome, AZ 86331 Studio 300 A.  Come visit us.   Also, check out all of our art at http://ephemeralstudiosgallery.com/home.html



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